My name is Dr. Steven England, I graduated from Melbourne University gaining a degree in dental science in 1989. I started private practice in 1990 and immediately started post graduate education in implant dentistry and orthodontics. I achieved my accreditation in implants with the Society of Implant Dentistry in 1991 and have been placing implants for the past 25 years attending countless further education courses during this time. This is a similar story for orthodontics keeping up with the latest advances, the latest being the able to provide Invsilign.

I initially practiced in Melbourne but moved to Cairns in late 1991. I started as a single practice but slowly grew into one of the largest practices in Cairns which has now been bought out by a large corporate organisation making me an offer I could not refuse. At our new Port Douglas practice I will be performing the same procedures as I did in Cairns which include restorative, cosmetic, fixed and removable orthodontics(as well as Invisilign), implant placement, bone grafting, wisdom teeth extractions and of particular interest is the treatment of families and children.

I have been married to my wife Michelle for 21 years and we have six children, as such we understand the importance of the proper dental care and dental education of children. We understand how vital good dental health plays in their overall well being and health.

We are both very excited about our new practice in Port Douglas having the opportunity to downsize from our previous practice allowing us to provide a very personalised service to our patients. Our practice is quite unique in that we can provide nearly every aspect of dentistry in house without the need for referrals. This allows us to provide a very controlled, cost effective and integrated service maximising patients treatment results.
A particular focus I have is in cosmetic dentistry. I can provide spectacular transformation in patients appearance and function giving them a great boost in their in their self esteem and confidence. This not only achieved using crowns and veneers but often using a combination of treatments utilising short course orthodontics, implants, bone grafting, and crown and bridge all in conjunction.

There have been great advancements recently in bonded dentistry using micro etching systems. These systems allow the maintenance of maximum tooth structure thus giving greater strength of the tooth and hence greater longevity of function. I am very up to date with these techniques.

I provide guarantees for all my work and will make every effort to assist if any problems arise, my high skill levels enable me to re treat any complex situations.

As mentioned earlier, our practice is state of the art we have full computer digital integrated OPG and intra oral X-ray imaging. The latest fibre optic equipment, implant and rotary endodontic and photographic equipment.

We have the very best sterilisation equipment in which we are all highly trained to use.

We certainly welcome any interested patients to attend our practice and meet our team. We are able to structure any treatment plan to suit your needs.